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Sonoran Aire
My Avocation - Training Dogs

I have been training dogs for competition for over 20 yrs. My last major competition dog was my Schutzhund III shepherd, Johanns vom Westerland, SchH III. I trained him from an 8 wk old pup thru his Schutzhund III. I lost him when he was 8 yrs old to a brain tumor.

Favorites Training Books

Here's a list of some of my favorite training books:
Training the Competitive Working Dog, Beyond Basic Obedience, Tracking: from the beginning.

My first competition dog was a Doberman female, Jazzie, CD, SchH I. I have also trained other Dobes, Shepherds, and Giant Schnauzers for sale.

I was one of the founding members of Vegas Valley Schutzhund Club in the early 1980's and my SchH III shepherd was the first owner trained and titled SchH III in the state of Nevada. I was a certified DVG helper in the early 1980s, one of the few certified women helpers of the time.

I am living in Arizona now and I currently work with a group of friends getting our dogs ready for competition.