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Sonoran Aire
Happy Howlidays

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Holiday Greetings from the Arizona Pecks


Once again the holidays are here and we wonder "Where has the year gone?!"


We've had a busy year filled with trips and visiting friends and relatives.  Ernie had many junkets this year, mostly for CCAS, but also included one to the United Arab Emirates (more on that later).  After a seminar in San Antonio he visited David, Barbara Lynn and the grandkids in Austin early this year.  Fran and Ernie spent a week in Sedona hiking and taking in the peace and quiet of the Red Rock country.  We also spent a week in San Francisco, which, though work-related, did allow us a day to play with John and Taba. Michael still lives in the valley and continues to be very active in community theater. Ernie and Fran have really enjoyed attending his performances.


Our major developments of this year have included:


Fran has gone back to school to pursue her PhD in Geography at Arizona State University.


Ernie is coming out of "semi-retirement" and has accepted a position as Dean of Graduate Studies at the United Arab Emirates University in Al-Ain, UAE. He starts September 2003. Fran and the boys (Sully and Chace) will follow in the spring of 2004 after Fran finishes her coursework for the PhD.  Ernie's appointment is for 2 to 4 years, so we will be traveling back and forth for a spell.


Both dogs are doing well. Fran's school and work schedule has curtailed some training and competition, but this will give the puppy a chance to mature.


We hope our Holiday letter finds you and yours enjoying a happy, healthy, and safe season.


Fran and Ernie Peck

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